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Ice Cream

Our Current House Crafted Flavors

1. Almond Joy-Candy Bar on a Cone. A Favorite.

2. Black Raspberry-Black Raspberries & Fresh Cream

3. Blueberry-Maine Flavor on a Cone

4. Bubble Gum-Real Bubble Gum pieces folded into an Ice Cream treat

5. Butter Crunch- Buttery Toffee Crunch

6. Butter Pecan-Distinctive Butter Pecan flavored Ice Cream Treat. A Traditional favorite.

7. Strawberry Cheesecake

8. Cherry Berry – Bing & Maraschino cherries in a berry base

9. Cherry Vanilla-Traditional Vanilla Ice Cream w/Maraschino Cherries 

10. Chocolate-Rich, Smooth, Traditional.  Made the Same way Since 1924.

11. Chocolate Almond-Nice Base Flavor of Chocolate and Almond Flavoring w/ tons of Salted Roasted Almonds.

12. Chocolate Chip-Lots of Big Chips

13. Chocolate Custard-Extra Rich, Extra Smooth

14. Cinnamon- Pure Cinnamon with our Vanilla Ice Cream

15. Coconut-Sweet cream with coconut

16. Coffee-New England Style Coffee

17. Coffee Heath Bar – Coffee  with Heath Bar Chunks

18. Cookie Dough-Chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in our Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

19. Eagle Tracks- Vanilla  w/ Reese Peanut Butter Cups & Oreo Cookies 

20. Ginger-This is a Favorite! Fresh Cream w/ Ginger Fruit

21. Grapenut-Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Grapenut Cereal

22. Heath Bar- English Toffee Ice Cream with Heath Bar Chuck

23. M & M-Vanilla based Ice Cream loaded w/ M & M’s 

24. Maple Walnut-Taste of Maine W/ Chunks of Walnuts

25. Mint Chocolate Chip- Mint-based ice cream & Premium chocolate chip chunks. The perfect combination of mint and chocolate.

26. Mocha Chip-Velvety smooth Mocha-based Ice Cream with Chunks of Premium Chocolate Chips.

28. Orange Pineapple-Sweet Pineapple in a Twist of Orange

29. Peach-Seasonal

30. Peanut Butter-Chunky Peanut Butter in Fresh Cream

31. Peppermint Stick-Christmas in July

32. Pistachio-Pistachio Nuts w/Hints of Pineapple

33. Raspberry Truffle-A Marriage of Raspberry & Chocolate w/ Chips

34. Rocky Coast Ripple – Vanilla-based w/ a chocolate fudge swirl & mini peanut butter cups.

35. Rocky Road-Chocolate based  with Roasted Almonds & Marshmallows

36. Rum Raisin-Raisins Soaked in Rum Flavor

37. Strawberry-Enjoy this Fresh, Creamy Treat

38. Sweet Reese – A chocolate peanut butter Lovers dream with mini melts.

39. Tiger Paws-A Creamsicle w/Chunks of Chocolate Chips

40. Vanilla-Good Old Fashioned Creamy Vanilla

41. Vanilla w/Oreos- Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo Cookie Chunks

42. Vanilla Custard-Rich, Smooth Vanilla Flavor and so Creamy

43. Maine Raspberry

44. Farm Fresh Lavender

45.  Smores- Marshmallow base with graham crackers, and chocolate swirl. 

46. Hocus Pocus- A French vanilla base with honeycomb brittle and chocolate chips.

47. Nutella w/ Cookies- A Nutella base with crushed up Oreos.

48. Black Raspberry Chip- A black raspberry base with dark chocolate chips

49. Coffee Oreo- A coffee base w/ crushed up Oreos. 

50. Caramel Machiatto- A Coffee and Dulce De Leche Base with Caramel Swirl.

51. Grasshopper- A mint base with crushed Oreos.

52. Chocolate Macaroon- A chocolate base with coconut. 

53. Salted Caramel- A salted caramel base. 

54. Whoopie Pie- A vanilla and marshmallow base with whoopee pie pieces throughout. 

55. Blueberry Frozen Yogurt- A blueberry yogurt base.  


Soft Serve Flavors

Vanilla, Coffee & Black Raspberry Twist, Vanilla & Chocolate Twist, Black Raspberry, Chocolate, Coffee




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